Crypto, Running with the Bulls

There wasn’t a corner you could turn in the last few months without seeing something along the lines of “crypto is tanking”. A true reflection of how the masses can render a graph turning red and regurgitate it to sound like an apocalyptic disaster across every social media platform.

Cryptocurrencies have always and continue to mirror all market fluctuations very similarly, but do not get fooled by the dips and valleys, as technological adoption and institutional investments propel in such times.

This is the chart that should be getting everyone excited as it’s a great chart.

The blue line was the first cycle, the orange was the second cycle, and the green was the one that we’ve just gone through turning into the red line (bottom left), which is now the fourth cycle. Things to point out is that yes, it’s very clear to see these huge bull runs, but what most people don’t realise is that the bull market doesn’t start from the halving event, it starts way before at the absolute bottom of the bear market. That’s when the bull market starts.

The continual rise in interest rates means investments in crypto look a little less attractive compared to a government bond for the institutional investor. Short-term holders, therefore, panic and exit the space as quickly as they arrived. Despite this, the overall Crypto market started the year up 23%, Bitcoin is up a huge 26%, Ethereum is even better up 30%, and Solana came roaring back from the dead up 110%.

How so? Well, a number of reasons; Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of the Cardano blockchain, expressed interest in buying CoinDesk, seven U.S. banks are planning to launch a new digital wallet in order to prevent losing their market share to Apple Inc. and PayPal., Binance continues to push global adoption as they won their seventh approval in Europe, BlackRock adding Bitcoin to their flagship Global Allocation Fund ($15 billion fund) and many more reasons.

During the many proclaimed ‘Crypto Winters’, less passionate developers seem to have been distracted or moved away from space altogether, however, a cooling-off period might actually be an opportunity to start building the fundamentals of the market in the right way. David Marcus, the former Head of Crypto at Facebook-parent Meta said it best, this time last year:

One of our clients saw the Bear Market as a massive opportunity. A stealth-mode FinTech located in Central London and incubated by a multi-billion dollar fund is preparing to go live with trading in the coming months. Across CeFi and DeFi, they provide an AI-enabled, fully automated approach to crypto-trading. Their aim is to provide an “Algo’s as a Service” to their customers.

Opportunities allowing you to work directly with someone who has built bullet-proof trading systems do come about sometimes. However, the person leading this effort and heading up Alrigorithmic Trading has received personal praise for his C++ ability directly from the very creator of C++, earlier in their career – which, doesn’t come about that often.

In a time when some crypto businesses are shrinking, these guys were doing the exact opposite, with the balance sheet to make it happen. Not to mention a whole row of clients ready to go once they go live. These guys expect their valuation, which is now in the higher double digits of millions, to hit triple digits in the coming months.

Now might be a better time than ever to join a hyper-growth & highly profitable business with a very ambitious vision and roadmap, that runs as a technology company predominantly.

Written by Karolis Kundrotas

📅 This Week in Crypto 📅

The Crypto market has had an amazing start to the year up 23%. And we’re only three weeks in Bitcoin is up a huge 26% Ethereum is even better up 30%, and Solana came roaring back from the dead up 110%.

Partnerships between sports brands and crypto companies — a dime a dozen through the bull market — are likely to slow and shift after a whirlwind 2022, according to industry participants. OKX Chief Marketing Officer Haider Rafique told Blockworks that sports sponsorships are a major part of the company’s go-to-market strategy.

The cryptocurrency markets move in cycles, just like stocks. The industry remains in a bearish market, meaning that cryptocurrency prices have declined from their previous heights – most of which were realized during the bull run of 2021. So that begs the question – Is cryptocurrency a good investment? Short answer: Yes.