We are always on the lookout for keen, ambitious researchers and recruiters, or even those with the right attitude for the industry!

Our consultants have come from a broad range of backgrounds – that is what makes our company culture so great. Please get in touch if you are looking for a fresh start in recruitment and think Durlston Partners could be the right place for you.

Our Benefits

Up to 40% commission uncapped
No threshold or desk fees
Annual cash bonuses

Top BUPA health care

Longer lunch break if you go to the gym or exercise

Performance driven route to Partnership

Unlimited breakfast and snacks

Bonus holiday
The office is shut for 2 weeks over Christmas & NY

Team holidays including NY, Barcelona, Ibiza, UK staycations

Internal and external tech, finance
and head-hunting training

Up to 25 days holiday

BUPA Dental

Parental Leave
6 months for primary caregiver
6 weeks for secondary caregiver

Phone contribution £50 / month

Cycle to work scheme

Epic end of quarter parties

DP Wheel of Fortune
win up to £500 every week

Wellness contribution £50 / month

Help with buying your first home

Networking events sponsored by clients

Sit-stand desks

Funded training £1,000 / year

Free eye test

DP Library
Order any book through Amazon

Access to Babylon Health

World class guest speakers

Annual Team Events

Polo in the Park

Rock concerts including
The Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon, The Who

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Celebrations throughout December



I joined Durlston Partners over a year ago from a big contingent firm and the difference from my previous experience in recruitment has been night and day. The collaborative environment coupled with the extensive client base has allowed me to make the most of a commission structure that can’t be beaten in the market.

The opportunity for career progression was clearly laid out from day one and I achieved three promotions within my first 7 months.

The CEO makes sure that everyone (not just top billers) are involved in all the company events and in my first year I’ve been on two long weekends away with the team and a trip to NYC. Hard work and no ego are..



You don’t have to come from a recruitment background to be blown away by the way things are done at Durlston Partners – but if you do, the difference is going to be even more staggering.

Kindness, passion, humility, drive and discipline fuel anyone who works at DP, and are the the ethos of the company – which you can feel the moment you walk into the office for your first on site interview.

Durlston Partners fosters a growth-led environment that encourages you to be the best version of you you. Toxic competition is replaced by a culture where knowledge is shared, everyone is supported…



I joined the firm just under a year ago and can honestly say it’s the best environment I’ve ever worked in. Having heard horror stories about recruitment firms for years, Durlston really couldn’t be more different! It’s so collaborative and isn’t KPI led so the focus is fully on getting the best out of each and every person, nurturing their talent rather than stifling it.

Couple this with the fact that the client list is A*, the commission structure is unbeatable and your time is spent building relationships with candidates as opposed to endless cold calling, I’d say there are few places…



– A collaborative and supportive environment, which provides your the platform and opportunity to succeed. This applies even more to myself as I joined straight from University and had no experience in recruitment. From the minute I joined, every single person was more than happy to take time out of their day to help get me up to speed.

– There is a clear understanding around the firm that we are winning together and any internal competition just becomes a bit of fun.

– This amazing culture is partly owed to the transparency that is encourage at DP. Everyone has access to the same clients and information…



To give whoever reading this some context, I joined as a senior hire, 5 years of experience including team management, recruitment is a very process-driven job so you naturally begin to think you’re doing everything right and you don’t have much more to learn once you reach a certain level and it’s just about repeating the same tasks to make deals happen, boy was I wrong.

You’ll learn a lot at Durlston Partners, no matter what your experience level, the recruitment process the founder has built and taught is second to none. You will learn how to get better candidates and manage…



I have worked for a number of companies in my career and had good and bad experiences, when I joined Durlston Partners I knew from the beginning that they were different but I could never imagine by how much.

They were so patient with me and gave me so much support that sometimes it felt like it can not be real, they supported and inspired me even during the times when I was very close on giving up, reminding me of why I was there in the first place and make me feel like I can overcome anything.

How many people can say that their CEO invited them to celebrate Christmas with their family so they would not have to spend it alone? and also…



Durlston is the most collaborative recruitment firm I have come across. Search ideas, feedback and market news is continuously being shared via an open channel which helps insure everyone has their fingers on the pulse of the market.

Every bit of information you share is returned ten fold which, as knowledge led recruitment firm, proves invaluable. Culture is definitely one of the other selling points for the firm. There is great emphasis put on holding each other up during the inevitable dips and managing egos going through the highs – Not a stereotypical…



Having been at the firm for a few years it’s categorically been the best decision of my life to join. It’s an awesome group of people to see day in day out. We stuck together through the pandemic and even grew quite a bit as well. It’s a great collaborative and supporting team that keeps adding awesome people to it!

On top of that the commission is fantastic and the list of benefits is endless, from holidays abroad, money towards gym, full stocked fridge (fruit and beer), day trips, and endless reason to celebrate together!

All in all…



I’ve never experienced such a positive and fun working environment, where everyone is supported and encouraged to reach their full potential and rewarded for team contributions as well as individual performance. The team are a total joy to be around and it’s a pleasure coming to work every day.

Everyone who works for Durlston Partners is genuinely good – kind, humble, hardworking, fun-loving, and, of course, exceptionally good at what they do.

We have an incredibly collaborative culture- everyone is equally important at …



I joined Durlston Partners about a year and a half ago, and I can safely say they have one of the best environments for agency recruitment imaginable.

Having been promoted a couple of times in a short space of time, and seeing a similar trend across many of the juniors who have joined, the opportunity for career progression is unmatched.

Not to mention the amazing people, social events and a near-constant stream of delicious treats …



Durlston Partners and Vax Bahram gave me the opportunity to flourish in recruitment. I joined a family friendly environment where I found support and motivation through my colleagues. Nobody is left behind at Durlston Partners as long as you’re willing to work hard and make it happen for yourself. I’ve travelled to more places than I ever did before and had more fun than ever in the big city of London thanks to Durlston Partners. Amazing feeling to see the company growing and keeping its core values and harmony, giving the opportunity for everyone to be involved and to contribute to the amazing journey. Golden years ahead of us!

For full list of benefits – Check out Durlston Partners…



– The most supportive environment you will likely experience
– Absolutely no egos whatsoever
– Everyone is incredibly focused and driven to make the most of the opportunity to work here, yet they are all humble and down to Earth
– Plenty of free food and benefits designed to keep you happy and heathy every day
– Actively encouraged to take a walk at 10am, a full 1 hour lunch away from your desk and another walk at 3pm



Having been at the firm for a while now I have seen the team grow, in particular within the last 18 months. A key achievement has been retaining the tight knit culture as the firm continues to grow due to its’ incredible success. This is implemented by the Director and everyone has a say in hiring, roles, clients etc.

Full transparency across the team and access to all roles.
Client list has continued to grow at manageable levels with some business being turned away to ensure we can fully deliver and clients we work with are the best within their field in terms of opportunity, tech/research focus and rewards.
Autonomy to manage your own time, take on responsibility and manage…



I have been at Durlston Partners for more than two years and enjoyed every minute of it, the team culture is second to none. I’ve worked in start-ups, big tech firms, and consultancies and this is by far the best team culture I’ve come across where you’re excited to go in every day and to work alongside teammates who have become friends.

Having grown organically over the past 10 years where every team member gets a say on new hires, it’s a big part of the collaborative, transparent, and humble culture that we have today.

The client list has also grown organically through…



I joined on a graduate level and the experience I’ve had thus far has been incredible. They take every step to ensure you feel welcome and comfortable and train you up incredibly well.

Once you’re in you’re in, it’s not a cut throat environment you so often hear about in recruitment. It’s family like environment but still professional.

The rewards you can achieve is phenomenal with very generous commission. The boss appreciates hard work and dedication and sees it instantly and rewards you accordingly, and is always prepared to give advice on improvements in a constructive manner…