From Stressful to Stressfree

Be SMART, use a Recruiter

The process of finding a new job is often ranked as one of the most stressful life events that a person can experience. This is no real surprise given the potential for rejection, financial pressure, uncertainty and competitiveness. And in a rapidly-growing yet volatile and high-pressure industry such as the crypto space, this is even more heightened.

So, does this mean that developers working in the crypto space – or those looking to move into it – should simply give up and stick with what they know?

No. Enter the Crypto Recruiter – the person whose job it is to make your life easier, and all at zero cost to you.

Why is it SMART to use a Recruiter, especially in the Crypto and Blockchain space?

Specialised Knowledge

Recruiters at Durlston Partners know their industry. Those working in crypto are well-informed on the technology, market status and specific skills required for roles in the sector. They ask the right questions to tailor job searches and match developers with the projects and companies that best align with their expertise and interests.

They also have the most up-to-date information on new markets, such as emerging ones like the UAE, and can provide advice on when it is best to move into a new role to have a competitive edge.

Extensive Network

Experienced recruiters have established networks. At Durlston Partners, the Digital Assets industry has been a focus since 2017, and recruiters here have helped build some of the industry’s leading firms in Europe and Asia from the ground up.

These recruiters have strong connections to and relationships with crypto companies, startups, and projects. As a result, developers gain access to exclusive job opportunities that may not be publicly advertised, especially to innovative startups and emerging projects that the crypto space is known for.

The extensive network of a recruiter in the crypto space also often allows developers who work with them to bypass the HR stage of interview processes and speak directly to the Hiring Manager.

Time Efficiency

Job hunting in the crypto space can be time-consuming, especially for developers with specific, in-demand skills. A recruiter streamlines this process.

Firstly, they only present curated job opportunities that fit the developer’s profile and interests. Secondly, once the developer has decided which roles they want to go for, the recruiter applies for them, as well as then organising all of the interview schedules around the developers’ schedule (not the clients) and providing detailed preparation material.

The developer can therefore spend their time focusing on getting ready for the interviews and selling themselves as best they can, instead of writing tailored cover letters for a role they don’t know much about.

Negotiation Support

Salary negotiations can be a tense and stressful part of the job searching process. Recruiters, with their experience and networks, are able to act as intermediaries. They are used to navigating discussions like this and can ensure that developers receive competitive compensation and benefits.


It is often the case that developers in crypto will want to keep their job search confidential, primarily if they are currently employed and in a competitive market. Working with a recruiter allows them to explore new opportunities discreetly, without revealing their identity until they choose a specific option.

Career Guidance

Recruiters offer information on the job market, salary trends, and career growth opportunities within the crypto space, having gained valuable insights over years of experience. This benefits developers looking to make informed decisions about their professional path. Forming a connection with a recruiter at Durlston Partners is invaluable to any future endeavours.

Recruiters are paid to maximise your chances of getting a job. Those in the crypto space have the niche insights and knowledge necessary to remove the stress and difficulty around the job search and ensure that developers find the ideal role for them.

Written by Emily Lockyer

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