Durlston Partners

C++ Developer

Software Engineering
$300,000 - $600,000
New York, USA

C++ is probably the most sought-after skill on the Financial Tech market today. An up-and-coming one is Rust too. Most roles have you doing similar things, especially in finance, which is usually latency related.

I’m not going to try to sell you the responsibilities of the role, I am going to tell you about the team you will be working with and the manager that will be taking care of you. Because let’s face it, that’s what most people care about in their next role.

This role is titled “Trading Strategy Developer” which basically means they would like someone with either:

  • C++ exchange connectivity experience
  • Experienced with execution management systems/algorithms/automated trading systems in FX etc.

You will be reporting to the Global Head of Digital Markets. This guy is an ex-Quant Trader at a world-famous Prop Firm and lives, breathes, and eats what he does. He is a natural leader of people, a pretty good salesperson and a brilliant manager.

This guy reports to the CTO of the firm. He used to work for the best High-Frequency Trading company on the market, this guy started coding on a ZX Spectrum before joining junior school (6 years old). He had a 94% success rate for engineers that he promoted during his career (one of the highest ever at this HFT) and of the 34 people he hired, 17 got promoted in his first year. 16 of the 17 succeeded in their new role.

As a CTO, his weekends are made up of working on Github Projects and building a Robot. Since becoming the CTO, he brought the firm from an efficiency of around 25-35% to now 55%, he wants them to be around 80% in the next 12 months and this comes from bringing people on with similar mindsets.

If you want to work for managers like this, get in touch.

Note: if you haven’t received a reply within 3 days, your application was unfortunately not accepted. Please apply via the website, or send your CV to karolis@durlstonpartners.com