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C++ Software Engineer

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The chance to be a C++ Developer for a Dubai based Prop Trading Firm Specializing in Digital Assets?

Dubai, often considered a global financial hub, is actively striving to secure this title. Its allure lies in zero taxes and year-round sunshine, factors that effortlessly attract top-tier talent while fostering an environment where smaller firms can flourish without facing price competition from industry giants.

I am collaborating with an emerging proprietary trading company in Dubai, which is currently in its early stages of development. They are actively seeking dynamic C++ Developers to join their exceptionally skilled team and create trading platforms from the ground up.

Relocating to one of the world’s safest cities, while simultaneously doubling your income, appears to be an obvious decision. However, this opportunity offers much more than just financial gain.

In addition to the remarkable potential for growth and the substantial support from two prominent figures in the cryptocurrency world, this role presents a unique chance to acquire equity in a leading proprietary trading firm.

Moreover, it allows you to enrich your professional portfolio by contributing to the creation of trading systems from scratch, setting you apart from many C++ developers who primarily optimise existing systems. Your role will be pivotal in the continuous enhancement, development, and maintenance of their current trading systems, ensuring efficiency and reliability to uphold their competitive edge.

If you possess:

  • A Computer Science degree or a related field from a prestigious university.
  • Three years of commercial experience in C++ development.
  • Proficiency in C++ within a Linux environment.
  • Familiarity with Python (a bonus).
  • A solid background in proprietary trading, market-making, or cryptocurrency firms.
  • Exceptional communication skills.

Why should you apply for this role with my client?

  • Contribute to the creation of innovative and exciting projects.
  • Secure equity in a leading proprietary trading firm, on top of a competitive base salary and bonus structure.
  • Enjoy life in the world’s safest and cleanest city.
  • Access global health insurance coverage for both yourself and your family.
  • This opportunity offers you an exciting path to advance your career in the dynamic world of digital asset trading.