Crisp Packet Project – Durlston Partners’ Charity of Choice

Durlston Partners supports the Crisp Packet Project’s belief that “Together we can make a difference”, with the charity being unanimously voted as Durlston Partners’ charity of choice for the coming year.

The Crisp Packet Project takes a sustainable and practical approach to helping those sleeping rough. Using recycled crisp packets, they make survival kits containing pillows, torso mats and survival sheets. Volunteers then hand these out to those living on the streets. Before Christmas, The Durlston Partners team joined forces with Soup Kitchen London, taking part in their Street Outreach programme to distribute some of these kits. 

The Street Outreach programme is a 4-mile walk designed to give people an idea of what an average rough sleeper must endure in the search to find food, clothes, safety and shelter each day. Their aim is to promote awareness and understanding of the issues. This seemed like the perfect way for Durlston Partners to actively get involved and give back whilst simultaneously supporting our chosen charity.

As a non-profit organisation, the Crisp Packet Project ensures each donation received, directly reaches the people who need it most, with no admin fees or production costs every penny donated goes to the project.

The Crisp Packet Project shares common behaviours with Durlston Partners. Both believe in high impact, can-do actions and approach that make a real difference in their sectors of expertise. 

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