Expert talent advisory and delivery for the growing technology, data science, quantitative finance and digital assets sectors.

Who we are

Durlston Partners is an expert talent advisory and delivery firm specialising in the technology, quantitative finance, data science and digital assets sectors. We leverage our proprietary technology, deep experience and strong network to help organisations find the highest-performing professionals so that they can focus on what’s important, building their business.

Our clients include high-net-worth individuals, as well as some of the world’s leading hedge funds, banks, family offices and digital asset firms in London, New York, Zurich, Hong Kong, UAE, Qatar, Singapore and more. We have helped build teams driving multibillion-dollar hedge funds, and have delivered intelligence and advice on talent and compensation trends to support CEOs at key periods of change in the organisation, including capital raises and M&As.

Our team operates from our offices in London, New York and Dubai and is led by our five Partners who have decades of experience in delivering talent advisory to organisations in the sectors we specialise in.



Our selected portfolio of clients are global leaders in innovation across artificial intelligence & machine learning, quant trading, data science and digital assets.

We love building businesses from the ground up, whether it’s a bootstrap tech start up or a future multi-billion-dollar hedge fund and we have done this over and over again for the past 12 years.

We nurture and organically grow talent or hire experts in each field, with deep networks who can deliver on any budget and timeline so our clients can focus on building their businesses.

Adding Value Since 2010

Proven mapping and head-hunting techniques

Knowledge of the latest technology trends and an insight into the future of those trends

Market information and advice on annual compensation trends

Full transparency at each stage of the search cycle

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.